Self-Service Cash Deposits at ATMs

Representatives of private organizations will be able to independently deposit revenue into their business accounts through self-service devices such as ATMs, payment kiosks, or automated deposit machines.

Benefits for Banks

Accessibility to self-collection services for small and medium-sized businesses

Reduction in costs associated with cash replenishment at recyclable ATMs through regular cash deposits made by users

Increased loyalty among corporate clients and the attraction of new ones

Return on investment in terminal equipment infrastructure

Benefits for Bank Clients

Convenient timing for revenue deposits

Instantaneous funds transfer to the account

Reduction in revenue storage expenses

Simple revenue deposit procedure

How it Works

1. Payments.iQ takes charge of the service delivery scenario

2. The Payments.iQ server receives real-time transaction data and service availability information

3. The system then transfers this data to the bank's accounting system and proceeds with the end-of-day closing procedure for corporate clients