Accepting Payments at ATMs

Enhances banks’ profitability by encouraging clients to make cash deposits at ATMs, increasing transaction volume and fee revenue.
Drives revenue growth through ATM utilization, offering payment acceptance, currency exchange, and card-to-card transfers, expanding income streams.
Streamlines the management of ATM, payment terminal, and information kiosk fleets, optimizing operational efficiency for cost savings.

Enhanced Revenue Opportunities

Autonomous Income Generation

Payments.iQ enables self-service devices to autonomously accept and dispense cash, expanding banking services' reach and providing clients with convenient 24/7 transaction capabilities. This leads to a significant increase in transaction volume and revenue.

Efficient Self-Deposits

Clients, including commercial customers, can securely deposit cash into their accounts through ATMs or payment kiosks, reducing the need for bank personnel assistance and enhancing convenience. This streamlined process results in a higher number of cash deposits and associated transaction fees.

Streamlined Payment Processes

By automating payment processes and promoting self-service options, banks can improve operational efficiency, reduce reliance on teller transactions, and minimize queues in bank branches. This leads to cost savings and increased client satisfaction, translating into higher client retention and cross-selling opportunities.

Expanded Service Offerings

Banks can diversify their service portfolio by organizing service payments through ATMs, attracting new clients, increasing overall transaction volume, and enhancing client satisfaction. This broad range of services contributes to additional revenue streams and upselling.

Seamless Ticket and Service Sales

With self-service functionality, clients can independently select events, specify payment purposes or service types, make instant payments, and receive tickets or receipts without personnel assistance. This leads to higher sales and increased income from service transactions.

Paymemts.iQ Helps Banks...

Enhance Revenue Generation

  • Self-service devices such as ATMs and payment terminals enable banks to generate revenue by offering convenient transaction services to clients
  • By reducing the reliance on manual assistance for routine transactions such as cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and funding transfers, Payments.iQ optimizes operational costs
  • Self-service options encourage clients to engage more frequently with their accounts, leading to increased transaction volumes and revenue growth
  • Multi-channel payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile apps, and QR codes, provide additional revenue opportunities for banks

Improve Cost-Effectiveness

  • Delegating routine tasks to self-service devices reduces physical branch workload, allowing staff to focus on higher-value services
  • 24/7 ATM availability caters to client needs outside traditional branch hours, optimizing branch operations
  • Real-time transaction monitoring capabilities enable proactive issue detection and resolution, minimizing operational disruptions and associated costs
  • Monitoring and analytics tools (sales volume, average transaction value, peak periods, popular services) provide valuable insights into sales trends, enabling data-driven decision-making for revenue optimization

Expand the Client Base

  • The self-service channel attracts new clients who prefer convenient and accessible banking services
  • Offering services through self-service devices reaches a wider audience, including individuals in remote or sparsely populated areas where physical branches may be limited
  • Convenient and flexible banking experiences through self-service enhance client loyalty, leading to long-term relationships
  • Providing a positive payment experience through multiple methods further strengthens customer relationships and encourages usage
  • A self-service approach alleviates long queues and wait times at branches, improving overall client satisfaction

Achieve a Competitive Advantage

  • Continuously evolving self-service technologies position banks as industry leaders, attracting tech-savvy clients
  • Innovations in self-service devices create differentiation and competitive edge in the banking market
  • Collaborations with external partners to offer value-added services through ATMs open new revenue streams and strengthen client engagement
  • The availability of services through ATMs expands the bank's market reach and allows for increased client acquisition and retention

Extra Benefits for Business

Secure Transaction Management and Verification

  • Ensure secure transactions and prevent fraud
  • Support various verification methods, including biometrics
  • Provide enhanced control over transactions and authenticity verification

  • Real-time Risk Management

  • Promptly respond to suspicious activities and safeguard clients' interests
  • Analyze payment data for informed decisions and process improvements
  • Reduce operational risks and enhance services

  • Self-Service Payment Ecosystem

  • Expand payment options and optimize operations
  • Reduce device management costs and foster innovation
  • Enhance client-centricity and convenience

  • Integration with Banking Systems

  • Access all functions and services on terminal devices
  • Align with the bank's business strategy and enhance the customer experience
  • Streamline operations and improve efficiency

  • Support for Multiple Payment Methods

  • Increase convenience and flexibility for clients
  • Support money transfers via cash, cards, e-wallets, etc.
  • Foster loyalty and satisfaction

  • Service and Tariff Customization

  • Integrate service providers and customize payment scenarios
  • Adapt to client needs and expand services
  • Set different service fees to optimize revenue

  • Payments.iQ Helps Bank Clients

    Save time on operations

    No more wasting time in the queue at the cashier's desks with Payments.iQ

    Access to bank transactions outside working hours

    Say goodbye to getting off work to repay loans, as Payments.iQ-enabled ATMs operate 24/7

    Carry out the cash collection yourself

    With Payments.iQ, a client no longer needs to rely on a bank officer as an intermediary for cash collection

    Solve several tasks simultaneously

    Payments.iQ eliminates the need to visit different institutions for various transactions. A client can buy tickets and pay for utilities, all on one device

    Be integrated into the international community

    Payments.iQ supports multiple currencies and facilitates seamless conversion, eliminating the need for pre-exchanging currency for foreign services

    Get a local service

    Payments.iQ supports both international and local payment systems, adjusting its functionality to comply with regional and national regulations, providing a convenient payment experience for bank clients

    Seamless Integration

    Payments.iQ offers a flexible architecture and API that simplifies the integration process with your existing banking infrastructure and automated banking systems. This eliminates the need for extensive process or equipment replacements.