Currency Exchange on ATMs

Maximize your revenue generation by enabling clients to conveniently exchange currency on advanced ATMs equipped with Cash-In and recycling capabilities.

Integrated with banking systems, FCX.iQ leverages real-time currency rates and commission data, enhancing client service and transforming ATMs into autonomous currency exchange points.


Exchange Operations Control

FCX.iQ centrally manages currency exchange across self-service devices, allowing control, monitoring, and customization of available currency pairs. It provides flexibility to enable/disable the feature and gathers comprehensive operation details for informed decision-making.

Integration with Information Systems

This feature ensures access to up-to-date currency exchange rate data. Operator actions are noted in an audit log and require supervisor approval. This process effectively prevents accidental errors or misuse by staff.

Setting up Currency Pairs

Operators can set up currency combinations for each ATM, determining the supported denominations and currencies based on the device configuration and the number of installed cassettes.

User-Friendly Interface

It caters to both system operators and end-users, providing a seamless experience. With its intuitive menu, bank clients can effortlessly perform the necessary operations in their preferred language of communication with the device.

How It Works

Service selection in the ATM user interface

Customer identification (if required)

Currency pair selection from the available exchange options

Specifying the exchange amount and estimating the result, taking into account all fees (estimate calculator)

Approval and completion of the transaction

Benefits for Banks

Meeting Public Demand

60% of people encounter difficulties exchanging currency. This service can be provided by banks at ATMs.

Quick Speed

Currency exchanges with bank tellers can take 15 minutes. FCX.iQ provides operation in a minute with six clicks.

Cost Reduction

It is 12 times more cost-effective to offer self-service options than maintaining separate physical exchange offices.

Strategic Advantage

68% of Europeans and North Americans prefer self-service. Using FCX.iQ, you will benefit as a client-oriented business.

Reduced Staff Burden

Having an automated currency exchange process, bank employees can focus on other crucial operations.