Turn your ATM fleet into a revenue-generating asset

You will accept payments for services, earn money from currency exchange, enable cardless transactions through ATMs or kiosks.Payments.iQ NG is a processing independent solution, which can easily expand functionality of your ATMs.

Payments.iQ NG makes ATMs profitable through...

  • Commission income from processing payments for various services, including mobile phone, internet, and utility bills
  • Loan repayments
  • A high transaction volume resulting from a widespread ATM network
  • Currency exchange commission fee
  • No processing integration required
  • Collection costs reduction due to constantly replenished ATMs by clients
  • Reducing costs for maintaining physical exchange points
  • Increasing the bank’s market share in currency exchange
  • Banking services on ATM by QR code
  • Cash withdrawal or deposit without using a card
  • Additional security level
  • No physical contact with ATM
  • Ability to control ATMs through the bank’s mobile app
  • Unified user interface in both the mobile app and ATMs
  • Fees for cash deposits into bank accounts
  • Reduced cash replenishment frequency and cash collection costs through cash recirculation and demand forecasting
  • Reduced reliance on expensive banking channels by redirecting clients to self-service
  • 24/7 revenue deposits, independent of branch hours
  • Remote banking service: enhanced convenience and improved client experience
  • Commissions or a percentage based on the transaction volume, facilitated through partnerships with non-banking service providers
  • Bonus programs and rewards that encourage the use of ATMs
  • Profits from commissions on goods or tickets sales
  • Utility payments, taxes and fines
  • Vouchers and gift cards

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Benefits for banks

Additional sources of income

Self-service networks can be profitable by offering additional services.

Services network expansion

Instead of establishing several client service points, you can have hundreds or even thousands of self-service devices with a wide range of services.

Availability is 24/7

Self-service networks allow your clients to use your services at any time that is convenient for them.

More relevant services for clients

Self-service networks are not only about cash. You can offer a variety of services, such as payments, currency exchange, and other services that are relevant to your clients.

Unified payment ecosystem

The same payments are available not only through mobile/internet banking and branches but also via self-service devices.