Turn your ATM fleet into a revenue-generating asset

You will accept payments for services, earn money from currency exchange, enable cardless transactions through ATMs or kiosks. Payments.iQ NG is a processing independent solution, which can easily expand functionality of your ATMs.

Payments.iQ NG makes ATMs profitable through...

  • Commission income from processing payments for various services, including mobile phone, internet, and utility bills
  • Loan repayments
  • A high transaction volume resulting from a widespread ATM network
  • Currency exchange commission fee
  • No processing integration required
  • Collection costs reduction due to constantly replenished ATMs by clients
  • Reducing costs for maintaining physical exchange points
  • Increasing the bank’s market share in currency exchange
  • Banking services on ATM by QR code
  • Cash withdrawal or deposit without using a card
  • Additional security level
  • No physical contact with ATM
  • Ability to control ATMs through the bank’s mobile app
  • Unified user interface in both the mobile app and ATMs
  • Fees for cash deposits into bank accounts
  • Reduced cash replenishment frequency and cash collection costs through cash recirculation and demand forecasting
  • Reduced reliance on expensive banking channels by redirecting clients to self-service
  • 24/7 revenue deposits, independent of branch hours
  • Remote banking service: enhanced convenience and improved client experience
  • Commissions or a percentage based on the transaction volume, facilitated through partnerships with non-banking service providers
  • Bonus programs and rewards that encourage the use of ATMs
  • Profits from commissions on goods or tickets sales
  • Utility payments, taxes and fines
  • Vouchers and gift cards

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Benefits for banks

Additional sources of income

Self-service networks can be profitable by offering additional services.

Services network expansion

Instead of establishing several client service points, you can have hundreds or even thousands of self-service devices with a wide range of services.

Availability is 24/7

Self-service networks allow your clients to use your services at any time that is convenient for them.

More relevant services for clients

Self-service networks are not only about cash. You can offer a variety of services, such as payments, currency exchange, and other services that are relevant to your clients.

Unified payment ecosystem

The same payments are available not only through mobile/internet banking and branches but also via self-service devices.

With Payments.iQ, you can efficiently manage your self-service fleet:

Gain access to statistics and analytics, providing insights into key performance indicators such as transaction volumes, revenue generated, and usage patterns 

Track transactions in real-time, allowing you to monitor the number, volumes, and types of services carried out on each device 

Receive timely notifications in case of any issues or emergency, ensuring prompt action and maintaining uninterrupted service 

Access detailed information and financial reports for each device, enabling you to have a clear overview of its performance and profitability 

Make informed decisions based on the wealth of data provided by Payments.iQ, which empowers you to optimize operations, identify growth opportunities, and enhance the overall efficiency of your self-service network 

Get online notifications via email and Telegram messenger

Multifunctional Devices

Contactless payment is relevant to various client segments 

Authorization Methods

Face Recognition

One-time Passwords

QR Codes

PIN Codes


We strongly advise utilizing a combined approach for authentication. This involves the entry of a PIN code in conjunction with the utilization of biometric technologies such as fingerprint scans or facial recognition. By implementing this two-factor authentication method, the risk of personal information leakage or theft is significantly minimized, ensuring a higher level of security for clients.

Experience the difference

The cash department of a regular bank versus  the cash department of a bank equipped with the Payments.iQ-enabled ATM network.

In a regular bank

Clients often face long queues at the cashier's desk. The cashier is constantly switching between different types of transactions and navigating through various software tools (such as processing penalty payments or currency exchange).

The cashier manually requests and enters client verification data into forms, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

At the end of the working day, there is a flurry of activity and tension at the cashier's desk as small and medium-sized businesses bring in revenue for cash collection. The cashier must quickly sort and count the cash.  

With a bank with the Payments.iQ-enabled ATM network

Clients can enjoy a seamless experience. They can conduct transactions with just a few clicks at the ATMs, where verification happens automatically through authentication methods.

Business owners have the convenience of self-collection, managing their cash at a location and time that suits them best.

Bank employees can focus their expertise on handling complex inquiries and providing exceptional client service, as the burden of routine transactions is efficiently managed by Payments.iQ on the ATM network.